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PostgreSQL Administration and Development       דאטה ומסדי נתונים

PostgreSQL Administration and Development

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PostgreSQL is the world's most powerful open-source database. Free to download, use, and deploy, and distributed with a liberal BSD/MIT license, PostgreSQL has been under development for more than 15 years by a global team of programmers, and is used by many companies, including Skype, BASF, and Affilias (which administers the .info and .org domains). It is widely acknowledged to offer the greatest number of features of any open-source database, and consistently performs better than other open-source database servers when benchmarking mixed read/write applications with many connections.
This course introduces students to relational databases in general, and to PostgreSQL in particular.
Students will learn the basics of creating a database, using the built-in types that come with PostgreSQL, and the many ways in which they can manipulate this data. They then learn how to ensure the integrity of their data using PostgreSQL's verification mechanisms, including triggers, defaults, and check clauses. Students then learn how to create their own custom data types, and their own functions (in several different languages) that know how to work with such types.
The course concludes with a discussion of query optimization, backups, replication, and server configuration.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Understand PostgreSQL database concepts

  • Install, configure, and upgrade PostgreSQL servers

  • Relational database design, including normalization

  • DDL (data definition language), DML (data manipulation language)

  • Query design, including advanced queries using various joins

  • Writing server-side functions

  • Optimizing queries

  • Security in PostgreSQL, and configuration for maximum security and flexibility

  • Optimizing storage space

  • Backups and restoration of data

  • Multi-server configuration

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
  • DBA
    • Programmers, database administrators, and technical managers considering the use of PostgreSQL in their work

    • Programmers who are using PostgreSQL to store data, who want to get the most out of the system

    • Database administrators familiar with other databases, and switching to PostgreSQL

    Prior experience installing software and programming in any language, and particularly a high-level "scripting" language such as Python, Ruby, Perl, or PHP, is very strongly recommended. Familiarity with relational databases is helpful but not required.

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