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REST Web Services & Microservices with SpringMVC, SpringCloudפיתוח תוכנה

REST Web Services & Microservices with SpringMVC, SpringCloud

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Web services and Microservices are massively used today. These integration methodologies fits SPA & IoT and effectively used for SaaS. Today, most business services deployed on any platform (domains, private & public clouds) are available on the internet. Any new backend feature is followed by integration tier implemented as a Web-Service. The course details how to create Microservices with SpringMVC and SpringCloud

As Spring framework became popular among Java server-side developers, it is a preferred solution for creating lightweight service nodes. Such independent nodes can be automated and by that provide complex service management capabilities.

This course relates to REST web services and how to implement it via SpringMVC & SpringBoot. The course also explores Microservices and deep dives into practical construction of a Microservice eco-system with SpringCloud enhanced by Open-Source implementations provided by leading vendors like Netflix.

Who Should Attend

  • Java
  • Developers
    • Java developers that want to create Web services with SpringMVC

    • Java developers that want to create Microservices with SpringMVC

    • Spring developers that want to use SpringBoot for creating executable web nodes

    • Java developers that want to construct Microservice – Ecosystem based on SpringMVC, SpringBoot & SpringCloud

    • Experience in JavaSE
    • Experience in Spring Framework core
    • Familiarity with client side web-technologies & web-services
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