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Python 3 Programmingפיתוח תוכנה

Python 3 Programming

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Python is one of the largest growing programming languages in the world. While it is one of the easier languages to learn, it is still extremely powerful, and its applications are endless, from financial plot and data analysis, web development, machine learning and so on.

This training provides hands-on introductions to the Python Programming language. Throughout this course you will understand the language fundamentals and core concepts, as well as how to apply it to common programming tasks.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Use the Python interactive interpreter to write and run Python programs

  • Understand Python language elements

  • Exploit the rich library of Python libraries and modules

  • Recognize simple and complex variable types and select appropriately

  • Use Python operators and built-in functions

  • Understand procedural control flow in Python

  • Program file input/output, including persistent data objects.

  • Create well organized and efficient code using functions and modules

  • Use Object Oriented programming techniques in Python.

  • Build robust applications with error trapping and reporting

Who Should Attend

  • QA
  • DevOps
  • Python
    • This course is suitable to those who have some experience with scripting / programming in fields of QA, BI, DevOps, System and wish to enhance their skillset and learn the incredibly useful programming language of Python.

    • This is not a course for programmers (Please refer to course 40830 for programmers).

    • Some experience with scripting or programming: if you can explain what a variable is, write a loop, or define function in some language or script – this course is for you.
    • No previous knowledge of Python is assumed.
    • Candidates must be comfortable with reading and writing in English
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