Advanced Cloud Multicast Technologies Course

מק"ט: #7371 | משך קורס: 32 שעות אק'
| מספר מפגשים: 4

Advanced Multicast Technology Course is a 4 day course intended for students who require a deep dive understanding as well as mastering skills in order to design, implement and troubleshoot multicast technologies within Cloud Communication Networks. The Course exposes students to different protocols and technologies that multicast communication enables in order to integrate within an IPv4 environment, IPv6 environment and VPN environment.
The students will enhance their knowledge within the course by demonstrating practical training according to the different modules of the course. Students will receive a full scale view and skills of the advanced multicast technologies in order to assist them in design and integration within today's cloud communication networks.

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Students will gain knowledge and practical training in implementing multicast technologies within cloud communication networks

קהל יעד

  • Network engineers, system engineers and IT team leaders

תנאי קדם

  • Students are required to have basic IP communication knowledge
  • CCNA
  • CCNP


  • Introduction to IP Multicast
  • Multicast Basics
  • Internet Group Management Prtocol
  • Multimedia Multicast Applications
  • PIM Dense Mode
  • PIM Sparse Mode
  • PIM Rendezvous Points
    • PIM Sparse Mode Extensions –SSM/BIDIR
    • Multicast over Campus Networks
    • Scaling Multicast within the Cloud
  • IPv6 Multicast Concept and Terminology
  • IPv6 Multicast Integration with the Cloud