Introduction to Embedded and Real Time systems

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A Real Time system is any information processing system which has to respond to externally generated input stimuli within a finite and specified period. The computer is a component in a larger engineering system – Embedded Computer System.
This course introduces the development process for such systems, the basic problems and solutions and special considerations involved.

Key topics:

  •  Basic Principles in Real Time systems
  •  Basic Principles in Embedded systems
  •  Developing without Operating system
  •  Hardware and software design and development
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  • Understand the Components of Embedded System
  • Develop using Real Time Operating System API

קהל יעד

C/ C++ Developers who works in Embedded system Environments

תנאי קדם

 Delegates should have a working knowledge of C/C++




  • Real Time systems overview

  • Time constraints


Programming Languages


  • C considerations

  • C++ considerations

  • Common pitfalls


Hardware Design of RTE systems


  • Hardware Design basic

  • SPLD/CPLD devices

  • FPGAs and ASICs

  • Soft processors

  • Integration with the software


Software Design of RTE systems


  • Using procedural methods

  • Object Oriented Design

  • Design and CASE tools


Embedded Systems without OS


  • Design consideration

  • Typical systems

  • Evaluation boards

  • Accessing Hardware devices

  • Interrupts

  • The Development process

  • Simulating and debugging

  • Common tools

  • Case study: ARM 7 and keil tools          


Using Operating systems


  • Design considerations

  • Typical systems

  • Hard/soft real time systems

  • Configuration

  • Accessing hardware

  • Handling software and hardware interrupts

  • The Development process

  • Simulating and Debugging

  • Case study: windows CE

  • Case study: Embedded Linux


Fault Tolerance


  • Fault types

  • Monitoring

  • Recovering


Time and deadlines


  • Using timers

  • Using RTC

  • Deadline handling




  • TCP/IP

  • RS232 and other serial protocols


Programming in Real-Time operating systems


  • RTOS basics

  • Task management

  • Synchronizations

  • Other OS objects

  • Examples