Introduction to DevOps

Docker From Basics to Production

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Embark on a transformative journey with our 3-day intensive course, "Docker: From Basics to Production." This crafted program is tailored to equip developers, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals with a robust understanding of Docker and the software design required to harness the power of Docker containers, the world's leading software containerization platform.

Throughout this In Depth course, participants will navigate the breadth and depth of Docker, from fundamental concepts to the complex mechanics of advanced features. We'll unravel the complexities of containerization technology, providing you with the skills to build, deploy, and manage Docker environments with confidence and precision.

The course is structured with constant hands-on learning experience, ensuring that theoretical knowledge is solidified through practical application. You'll start by mastering the core principles of Docker, progressively moving towards orchestrating multi-container applications and implementing cutting-edge security practices. By the end of this course, you'll have the expertise to streamline software delivery and orchestrate sophisticated applications with ease.

We'll also dive into the latest features and best practices, ensuring your skills remain on the cutting edge of technology trends. The curriculum includes engaging discussions, collaborative exercises, and a capstone project that simulates real-world challenges, providing a comprehensive understanding of Docker's capabilities in microservices architectures and DevOps workflows.


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Day 1: Docker Fundamentals

Introduction to Docker and Containerization

  • Evolution of containerization
  • Docker architecture and components
  • Overview of Docker's ecosystem and community

Basic Docker Commands and Workflow

  • Docker commands syntax and structure
  • Running your first container
  • Docker CLI commands for managing images and containers
  • Inspecting containers and viewing logs

Docker Images and Containers

  • Docker images and layers
  • Finding and managing images from Docker Hub
  • Building images using Dockerfile
  • Dockerfile best practices
  • Container lifecycle, states, and data persistence

Managing Data in Docker with Volumes

  • Persistent data and stateful applications
  • Volumes, bind mounts, and tmpfs mounts
  • Volume management commands and strategies

Introduction to Docker Networking

  • Container networking basics
  • Network types in Docker (none, bridge, host, overlay)
  • Port mapping and container linking
  • Network troubleshooting and best practices

Day 2: Advanced Docker Usage and New Features

Deep Dive into Dockerfile and BuildKit

  • Advanced Dockerfile instructions
  • BuildKit features
  • Security in image builds
  • Hands-on: Writing Dockerfiles for complex applications

Advanced Docker Compose: Networking, Overrides, and V2 Features

  • docker-compose.yml configurations
  • Multi-container applications with Docker Compose
  • Custom networks and override files
  • Hands-on: Multi-container setup with networking

Security in Docker: Rootless Mode, Image Scanning, and Best Practices

  • Docker in rootless mode
  • Vulnerability detection with Docker Scan
  • Docker security best practices
  • Hands-on: Securing Docker and scanning images

Docker for Development: Dev Environments and Tips

  • Reproducible development environments with Docker
  • Development workflow optimization
  • Docker integration with development tools
  • Hands-on: Docker-based development environment setup

CI/CD with Docker: Integration into DevOps Workflows

  • CI/CD pipelines with Docker
  • Managing and versioning container images
  • Docker in CI/CD automation
  • Hands-on: CI/CD pipeline creation with Docker

Workshop: Multi-Service Application

  • Building, shipping, and running a multi-service app
  • Docker Compose, networking, and volumes
  • Collaborative application optimization

Day 3: Advanced Development, Security, and CI/CD

Advanced Dockerfile and BuildKit

  • Multi-stage builds
  • Minimizing image size
  • Docker BuildKit and Docker Bake
  • Hands-on: Complex Dockerfile creation

Docker in Development with Visual Studio Code

  • Visual Studio Code Docker setup
  • Remote – Containers extension
  • Debugging and testing in containers
  • Hands-on: Developing inside a container

Advanced CI/CD with Docker

  • Container-based build pipelines
  • Docker with GitHub Actions
  • Image registries and artifact storage
  • Hands-on: Docker CI/CD pipeline integration

Workshop: Multi-Service Application

  • Advanced Docker features application
  • CI/CD integration and security emphasis
  • Collaborative troubleshooting and project optimization
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This course is designed for individuals with a foundational knowledge of command-line interfaces and a good understanding of software development and deployment concepts.

We also recommend our Microservices Seminar as all aspects of the course are around the terminology and practices in MSA.

Familiarity with the basics of networking and cloud computing will enhance the learning experience

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